Employee Spotlight: Meet Laurence Bullivant

December 20, 2022

iON is excited to shine our Employee Spotlight on Senior Network Architect, Laurence Bullivant.

Laurence travelled round the world before landing in Canada and working for iON. Originally from New Zealand, he studied Computer Science at university, where he excelled in his courses and grew his knowledge. In his second year, he decided to transition to Psychology and Philosophy instead but his continued interest in networking remained.

He started his career in IT working in the service department of a large retail outlet – a major supplier of FortiGate firewalls – where he provided support and administered server infrastructure for clients. In this role, he collaborated with a small team to service users at various organizations.


IT/OT Experience and 19+ Months of Travel

Laurence then signed on with an NZ-managed services provider that serviced medical supply companies. It was while at this organization that he learned the complexity of working in environments with operational technology (OT) components where there could be no downtime (like high-priority life support systems). As technical lead, he juggled technical work with managing his team’s diverse needs and personalities.

After working long hours while doing renovations to their home, Laurence and his wife were ready for an adventurous change of life. They decided to go travelling for a year, taking only what they could fit in a backpack, and they sold their house.

The year turned into 19+ months, and they visited almost every country in Central and South America. Finally ready to settle down again, they moved to Vancouver and started a new life there.

The reason we settled down in Canada is because it felt like home as soon as we arrived. Everyone was friendly and we felt like we fitted right in. – Laurence Bullivant

Move to Canada and Career Journey to iON

Once they landed in Vancouver, Laurence got a job at Avigilon, an organization that designed and manufactured video and analytics systems. In this role, Laurence was the administrator for their IT/OT networking, network segmentation, and supported many manufacturing sites.

Laurence further expanded his IT/OT experience when he joined Wirefire Solutions in 2020 with mining solutions strategy, enterprise architecture, and portfolio management.

After iON acquired Wirefire in 2021, Laurence became a Senior Network Architect member of the iON team. He provides detailed network plans for our clients while ensuring each design strikes the right balance between functionality and security.


Things Laurence Likes About iON

  • The People –Laurence enjoys the fascinating and talented people at iON to collaborate with – this makes for an exciting place for him to work.
  • Clients and Long-Term Projects –His projects are often long-term, allowing him to build partnerships with his clients. The long-term understanding of their environment helps him provide the best solution for their needs.
  • Work-From-Home Flexibility –He loves the work-from-home model – the autonomy and flexibility allow him to do his job tasks while on a trip.

Beyond Work 

With a recent move to Toronto, Laurence and his wife like to spend quality time as a family with their young son. They enjoy exploring the city, and trips to the zoo, museum, and aquarium are some fun things they have experienced.

Traveling is still a passion for him and his wife, and they have planned trips to Niagara on the Lake and Montreal.

Every country we’ve visited and lived in has amazing things. If you have the opportunity, you should go and explore them. – Laurence Bullivant

In addition to his networking expertise, Laurence’s ability to problem-solve with clients leverages the philosophical principles that he has studied over the years. iON is thrilled to have a creative-thinking Senior Network Architect like Laurence on our team!