Security Assessment

How Secure Are You?

The first step on a journey to a robust security practice is to evaluate your current security posture. For new clients starting out on this journey, iON recommends a Security Assessment as the first step. An iON Security Assessment takes a holistic approach and mainly involves interviews with key security personnel and management, determining your strengths and weaknesses then mapping out how to reduce the greatest risk with the least effort and cost.

Our standard approach measures clients’ security levels against the Centre for Internet Security 20 Critical Security Controls, widely considered the best cybersecurity framework in the industry for providing actionable measures. Whenever possible, we recommend solutions that use existing client technologies to maximize the return on investment of your current tools.

threat events

An iON Security Assessment identifies your organization’s vulnerability to a wide range of highly disruptive threat events, including:

Data Leaks

Web Attacks

Virus Outbreaks

Physical Infiltrations


Phishing and Spam

Brute Force Attacks

Cloud Service Breaches

Potential risks

Each threat presents a different set of potential impacts to your business, and the damage inflicted by a cyber-security breach to your bottom line and your reputation cannot be overstated. An iON Security Assessment outlines where your organization is vulnerable and provides a set of recommendations ranked according to the level of business impact and ease of remediation.

Your vulnerabilities

Now it’s time to look at your actual digital infrastructure and security.
Where is one of the potential threats most likely to get through?