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Secure Industrial

Secure Industrial

Drawing on over 20 years of ICS cybersecurity experience, iON ensures your critical industrial systems remain available and operational by improving their resilience to attack. For both brownfield and greenfield engagements, we comprehensively improve your ICS cybersecurity practice through four lifecycle stages:

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Secure Industrial Assessments

Evaluate and take inventory of the OT environment, from supervisory systems to process control, culminating in a final report with roadmap and recommendations.

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Secure Industrial Design

Create a customized blueprint that secures your industrial systems through fit-for-purpose network segmentation that applies best practices from the Purdue Enterprise Reference.

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Secure Industrial Build

Provide full installation, from site-wide fibreoptic design to data centre builds.

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Secure Industrial Manage

Provide real-time asset visibility, threat intelligence, and security analytics of your ICS/OT environment through active and passive network traffic and endpoint monitoring.

Our collaborative managed service for industrial clients leverages iON’s thorough understanding of proprietary ICS network protocols and the environmental constraints of industrial environments.

iON implements enforcement boundaries that apply least-privilege and zero-trust principles across your environment using role-based access, network access controls, and careful logging and monitoring. We bolster your IT/OT security practice using Active Cyber Defense principles to ensure that even through most worst-case security breach scenarios, your industrial control systems remain operational and business impacts are minimized.

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