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Secure Workforce

Secure Workforce

There is no substitute for experience. Since 2003, iON has protected the business/IT networks of our clients with a portfolio of solutions that fulfulls their cybersecurity needs. iON understands the challenges you face in selecting both the best technology and a trusted partner for your security journey. We have improved the cybersecurity practices of transport, energy, and logistics companies, as well as health care organizations and financial institutions from across Canada for whom it is vital to safeguard customer and operational data. By aligning your organization to established cybersecurity frameworks, we help make security intrinsic to your daily operations, ensuring your systems are resilient to breaches and remain fully operational for your users and customers.

Assess & Measure

Since our inception, iON has delivered high-value assessment and consulting services that strengthen our clients’ security measures. Whether you are in the early stages of establishing your organization’s security practice or are looking to test the maturity and resiliency of your existing security measures, iON helps you identify and remediate vulnerabilities before malicious actors spot them. Our team boasts a second-to-none roster of analysts with ample experience evaluating and testing Industrial Control Systems, Cloud services, PCI systems, web applications, mobile applications, and more. iON also provides Incident Response Planning services that ensure your team can rapidly respond to a targeted attack and limit its impact, allowing you to maintain operations throughout an incident.

  • Security Assessments
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Penetration Testing (Internal and External with Wireless, Web App/API, Physical Access/Social Engineering, and Mobile App options)
  • Phishing Assessments
  • Technology Selection Evaluations

Architect & Design

iON’s experienced architects and engineers build robust, secure networks to support your commercial and industrial business needs end to end. Because security threats can come from either outside or inside your network, firewall-based perimeter security is no longer enough. To provide comprehensive protection, we help you develop security architectures encompassing Network Access Control, Email Security, Endpoint Protection, Next-Gen Firewalls, Web Content Security, Identity and Access Management, and proper IT/OT segmentation.

Our team has a solid understanding of both centralized and distributed data centres, including cloud connectivity, and we can capably execute the following projects:

  • Facility Planning
  • Data Centre Migrations
  • Dual Data Centre Design
  • Internet Perimeter and Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) Design

We architect global WANs for multinational companies, with deep expertise in software-defined Wide-Area Networks (SDWAN), Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Internet/VPN, Microwave, Satellite, and Point-to-Point networks. Our team implements technical designs that incorporate dynamic routing, Quality of Service (QoS), traffic shaping, WAN acceleration, security, and remote access.

Our team also boasts a wealth of experience in designing secure local area networks (LANs) including multi-floor office building and campus-wide networks spanning several kilometres.

Install & Configure

Making security intrinsic to your network environment is our ultimate goal, and if your staff needs help with deploying or migrating a new technology or network design, iON is ready to assist. Our expert team is certified on our vendor partners’ technologies and can rapidly implement your solution from the planning and design stages through to deployment, validation, and knowledge transfer. The end result is an accelerated time to value (TTV) on your cybersecurity investment and adherence to best practices.

Tune & Optimize

Purchasing a robust technology is a great first step, but without the right configuration tuned specifically to your environment, your organization will not realize the full potential of your cybersecurity investments. iON offers Optimization,  Health Check and Best Practice Assessment services ranging from Next-Gen Firewalls to Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) systems that ensure that every applicable feature of your solution is enabled, functioning properly, and tuned for maximum performance and endurance. Our team diagnoses your configuration settings, logs, and infrastructure to determine the current state of system utilization and overall platform hardening versus best practices. At the conclusion of the engagement, we provide a comprehensive report on our findings that clearly articulates any identified deficiencies and offers a detailed set of recommendations to resolve them.

Operate & Manage

iON’s approach to managed services focuses on augmenting the capabilities of your senior staff while preserving the organizational context that is critical to an effective cybersecurity practice. We understand that every environment has different support needs, so we tailor our managed services to match your requirements, not our bottom line.

We manage the aspects of your cybersecurity practice that you choose, including day-to-day operations, system patching/updating, disaster recovery, RMA assistance, advanced technical assistance, health checks, and tuning & optimization. Every service we perform adheres to both leading cybersecurity frameworks and your organization’s own protocols, ensuring peace of mind for your management and more time for your internal IT staff.

iON makes IT Service Management (ITSM) as transparent as possible, ensuring you have a clear view into the systems we support while maintaining open lines of communication with your organization. Our monitoring tools alert you of any anomalies that could impact your business and we issue customized monthly reports to provide the most relevant information to your team.

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