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Comprehensive protection. Hassle-free. Cost-effective.

At iON, we recognize the challenges faced by small to medium-sized businesses, including limited resources, tight budgets, and a significant gap in technical expertise. These constraints can make it difficult to maintain robust cybersecurity measures, leaving businesses vulnerable to various threats.

Introducing iON Guardian, a multilayered platform designed to address these challenges. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, iON Guardian simplifies and streamlines daily operations by seamlessly detecting, preventing, and responding to cyber threats. This comprehensive, hassle-free and cost-effective solution ensures your business stays protected without straining your resources.


Single View of All Issues

No need for multiple tools and log-ins. Our all-in-one platform provides a single tool and location to monitor your security and protect your business.


Security in Our DNA

Safeguarding businesses is our top priority. By thoroughly assessing both internal and external vulnerabilities, from exposed assets to risky users, we proactively protect against the most significant attack vectors from the inside out.


Simplicity at the Core

Our unified interface and streamlined onboarding process, coupled with integrated and curated security controls, enable effortless detection, prevention, and response to advanced cyber threats.

9 Security Controls, All in One Place


Email Security

Stay ahead of potential email threats by leveraging a user-friendly API-based active protection.

Cloud Data

Cloud Data Protection

Enable cloud data protection to achieve a safe and secure data collaboration with external users.

External scan

External Risk Scanning

Gain actionable insights on external threats by scanning digital footprint and exposed vulnerabilities.


Endpoint Security

Protect laptops, and desktops from cyber threats such as malware, and ransomware.

Secure browsing

Secure Browsing

Keep your browser secure with the our extension for protection against viruses and malicious sites.

Security Awareness

Security Awareness Training

Equip employees to be the first line of defense against the evolving landscape of cyber threats.


Phishing Simulation

Conduct cyber attack simulations using phishing emails to identify vulnerabilities.

Dark Web Monitor

Dark Web Monitoring

Track leaked credentials, typically found in data dumps and other lists on the dark web.


Cloud Directory Posture

Ensure optimal security and compliance by proactively identifying risks and misconfigurations.

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