Our Partners

Assembling Your Cybersecurity Solution

Our job is to connect you with the right cybersecurity technology partners for your business needs. iON is a top-tier channel partner to the highest-ranked vendors in the cybersecurity industry and we provide the best discounts available to our clients.

More importantly, our portfolio of technology partners addresses each of the 18 CIS Security Controls. If your organization is deficient in a particular security domain, we have a solution to address it.

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Complimentary Investment Dashboard

The iON Customer Care portal provides procurement intelligence – historical purchases and projected spend – along with technical services management options to enable you to optimize your investment.

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Flexible Procurement Options

iON has established partnerships with all the top technology manufacturers and marketplaces. We can provide you with options that other Canadian cybersecurity solutions providers simply cannot.

Technology partners

Marketplace Partners

iON is proud to be an authorized AWS CPPO and a Microsoft MPO partner in Canada for cybersecurity. These partnerships allows us to provide you with direct access to software solutions in both the AWS Marketplace and the Azure Marketplace.

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Technology Partners

iON is proud to serve as Canada’s preferred channel partner for the top brands in cybersecurity. We have cultivated excellent relationships with our partners and offer supplemental services to enhance their offerings with both our technical expertise and our in-depth knowledge of our regional markets.