New Milestone for Cybersecurity: iON Acquires Wirefire

May 3, 2021

May 3, 2021

New Milestone for Cybersecurity in Canada: iON Acquires Wirefire

Calgary, Alta. (May 3, 2021) – Alberta based cybersecurity company, iON United Inc. (iON) is excited to accelerate the evolution of Canada’s cybersecurity industry with the acquisition of British Columbia’s Wirefire Solutions Inc (Wirefire). Merging the two companies sets a new milestone for cybersecurity in Canada to further protect many organizations who embraced virtual services during the global pandemic.

For 18 years iON has created cybersecurity solutions for top enterprises in various industries including financial, healthcare, energy, utilities, education, and law enforcement. Like iON, Wirefire is a full-service cybersecurity firm headquartered in Vancouver serving B.C. and international customers. Wirefire’s dynamic team will be joining iON to further strengthen our partnerships with customers, vendors, and the community.

“We are thrilled to officially announce the acquisition of Wirefire, as this signals the incredible pace and progress required to be Canada’s top cybersecurity company.” says Robert Zagorsky, iON’s President and founder. “This strategy accelerates iON’s ability to offer even more services to both Wirefire and iON customers while meeting new demands of a growing marketplace.”

Wirefire’s CEO, Craig Chomat, and President, David Wood, will be integral in the transition plan over the coming months. Alon Goldberg will join iON as a new Field CTO. As iON continues to expand into new markets, the combined company will hire several key positions in strategic sales, marketing, product development, and technical services.

“Wirefire has spent years establishing trust and quality with a diverse set of industrial and commercial enterprises in British Columbia and across Canada,” says David Wood, President of Wirefire. “We are confident iON will define a new chapter in service and solutions delivery, as all organizations have an ever-increasing demand for cybersecurity.”

The strengths and value of the combined organization will be taken to market immediately; while integration plans are underway to bring the operating companies together in the coming months.

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About iON:

Founded in 2003, iON United Inc. is one of Canada’s most reputable cybersecurity firms. With 18 consecutive years of organic growth, iON is built on fostering meaningful relationships through meaningful work. Assembling awesome talent while investing in world-class platforms to deliver best-in-class Cloud, IT, OT, ICS and IOT security solutions for enterprise organizations, We Protect the Brands You Know™.

iON has been recognized by Canadian Business Magazine 6 times since incorporation. In 2006 as one of Canada’s fastest growing start-ups and Canadian Business GROWTH 500: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019. Beyond best-in-class reputation and growth, iON hosts industry advisory groups and is very active in supporting community investments while working with local charities in poverty alleviation.

About Wirefire:

Wirefire is more than a technology consulting firm – we believe in using our extensive experience to build better businesses and contribute to a better world in everything we do.

We’re passionate about people, the planet and having a purpose that is beyond simply making a profit. Wirefire is dedicated to operating at the highest standards, work/life balance and with ethical and sustainable practices.

Our values come to life in how we work as a team, how we work with our clients and how we contribute to our community and the world at large. Wirefire is proud to be a B Corp certified company.


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